Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Northern Areas of Pakistan (4)

Another beautiful view of Swat Valley.

Noori Top in Kaghan Valley. Greenery spread on mountains slopes here like a carpet on floor.

Another shot of a same lake in Shimshal Valley, Pakistan.

View of Upper Kachura Lake in Skardu. People now frequently visits this lake as lower Kachura has been modernised and renamed as Shangrilla.

Another picture from Kaghan Valley.

The beautiful color contrasts of Mahodand lake. The name of the lake means seven lake so Mahodand is not the name of one lake but seven different lakes one after the other. The lakes are although smaller in size but the first lake of these Dands (Lake) becomes quite larger in the months of June and July.

A lonely mountain with beautiful green meadows in Kaghan Valley.Photo taken near to Noori top.

The beautiful valley of Chillam in northern areas of Pakistan.

Note:Photo taken by one of my friend name Imran Ahmed with his Canon Power Shot Camera.

This picture takes Muzaffar Bukhari.

A Glacier in Kalam.

A waterfall located at Pir Ghaib near Bolan in Balochistan. It is so blue and Beautiful that we cant even think that it is located inside the barren landscape.

Mahodand Lake is located in the north of Pakistan. Its just few kilometers ahead of ushu valley. And the views are breathtaking.

A beautiful landscape across the Makran Costal highway all around.

The fantastic Scenery when going towards Gwadar. The mountains starts starts 250 kilometers after Karachi. And than the Buzzy Pass comes with this magnificent sceneries.

Kandol Lake is one of the lake which is in undisturbed state because of difficult but beautiful trek of 2:30 hours. It can be reached from Ushu Valley or Kalam with a local guide. And you will witness such sceneries in the world which you cannot find anywhere in the world. Believe me for this.

The view at Mariabad in quetta balochistan.

Sunset on a beach in gwadar, Pakistan. Look closely there are boats sailing in the water.

Picture of Bayaal camp at nanga parbat base camp. Few years back there is nothing like bayaal camp in the area. The Bayaal camp is made after Heavy Deforestation in the area.

Note:-Taken by IMRAN AHMED KHAN.

View of bureth Lake in Pakistan.



  1. Gawadar, Queta...etc,, they are not the northen areas of Pakistan.. I think a correct heading is required here.