Thursday, December 27, 2007

Northern Areas of Pakistan (5)

this is shogran Pakistan.

This is the way back from Dudipatsar.Very still and calm nature no humans still there to disturb the natural environment.

This is Naran Valley Pakistan .This way leads to Lalazar a beautiful meadows.

One of the many beautiful Lakes in Pakistan.Its come after six hour trekking from the last known Town.Thats why it is still in undisturbed state.Yellow flowers have spread all over near it.
Credits:Ali Ifthikar

The Hill Station which one can not afford to miss. Once the forest was thick and dense but due to selling and burning of wood by locals make the forest the to scattered. And now unfortunately damaged badly by earthquake. Don't know about the locals whether they escape or not from the tragedy. I think the beauty of this hill station is somewhat bitter first damaged by cutting of trees and now by earthquake.

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Pakistan.

The picture of deosai one of the highest pleatue in the world.

View of Shangrilla resorts & Lake.

The Beautiful Dudipatsar lake.

A View of green meadows near Raikot Glacier.

A Hidden Lake Karumbar in Pakistan

Here is the picture of a hidden lake in Shimshal valley, Pakistan.

Ushu nad Utror valleys of Swat are Beautiful at least they are still covered with thick forests which become very rare nowadays in Pakistan because people used to cut each and every tree in forests and used them as fuel or sell them.

This beautiful lake is located in the hindukush mountains of Pakistan. It is still unseen by most of the Pakistani people due to difficulties in reaching this Lake. It is near to Chitral & Gilgit.

The yellow fields along with light green and mostly yellow leaves created a beautiful combination for me. this is Mingora, Swat Valley, Pakistan.

Dudipatsar lake is still hidden from the tourist attraction. this extremely beautiful lake is located in Kaghan Valley.

Ushu valley in Swat is truly one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan.Swat Valley is termed as the little Switzerland of Pakistan.

Located in Kaghan Valley Pakistan. This lake is one of the most beautiful in Pakistan.

Lalazar is a hill Station in Kaghan Valley, Pakistan Very near to Kashmir. this area is badly affected by earthquake.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Northern Areas of Pakistan (4)

Another beautiful view of Swat Valley.

Noori Top in Kaghan Valley. Greenery spread on mountains slopes here like a carpet on floor.

Another shot of a same lake in Shimshal Valley, Pakistan.

View of Upper Kachura Lake in Skardu. People now frequently visits this lake as lower Kachura has been modernised and renamed as Shangrilla.

Another picture from Kaghan Valley.

The beautiful color contrasts of Mahodand lake. The name of the lake means seven lake so Mahodand is not the name of one lake but seven different lakes one after the other. The lakes are although smaller in size but the first lake of these Dands (Lake) becomes quite larger in the months of June and July.

A lonely mountain with beautiful green meadows in Kaghan Valley.Photo taken near to Noori top.

The beautiful valley of Chillam in northern areas of Pakistan.

Note:Photo taken by one of my friend name Imran Ahmed with his Canon Power Shot Camera.

This picture takes Muzaffar Bukhari.

A Glacier in Kalam.

A waterfall located at Pir Ghaib near Bolan in Balochistan. It is so blue and Beautiful that we cant even think that it is located inside the barren landscape.

Mahodand Lake is located in the north of Pakistan. Its just few kilometers ahead of ushu valley. And the views are breathtaking.

A beautiful landscape across the Makran Costal highway all around.

The fantastic Scenery when going towards Gwadar. The mountains starts starts 250 kilometers after Karachi. And than the Buzzy Pass comes with this magnificent sceneries.

Kandol Lake is one of the lake which is in undisturbed state because of difficult but beautiful trek of 2:30 hours. It can be reached from Ushu Valley or Kalam with a local guide. And you will witness such sceneries in the world which you cannot find anywhere in the world. Believe me for this.

The view at Mariabad in quetta balochistan.

Sunset on a beach in gwadar, Pakistan. Look closely there are boats sailing in the water.

Picture of Bayaal camp at nanga parbat base camp. Few years back there is nothing like bayaal camp in the area. The Bayaal camp is made after Heavy Deforestation in the area.

Note:-Taken by IMRAN AHMED KHAN.

View of bureth Lake in Pakistan.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Northern Areas of Pakistan (3)

Flowers on the mountain at Babusar pass.

A beautiful valley of river, mountains and snow.

The beautiful view of the village name "Lawat" in State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir surrounded by thick forests all around it.

NOTE: This picture is taken by Ali Ifthikar.

Another view from the Swat Valley, Pakistan. The Area is rich in Cedar and Deodar Forests.

The chair lift at Malam jabba will take you to the height of 11,500 ft wheras the Malam Jabba resort is located at 10,500 ft from Sea Level. Although the way to reach top from Chair Lift is very easy but the Hiking has its own pleasure and i enjoyed hiking to top from here. Although not quite difficult for regular hikers but it can be the first hike of new hikers also.

The Beautiful Peak by the name of "Braak Zhan" in Raikot Glacier in Pakistan. The Lush Green meadows lying below the peak. This is the Last strong hold of western Himalayas before meeting with Karakoram Mountains. In eastern part of North Pakistan and western Kashmir the Himalaya mountains are blessed with lush green Meadows and the beautiful evergreen forests.

Beautiful meadows at Zarkhana in Lower Chitral,Pakistan.

The most Inspiring and the most lovely hill station of Pakistan. Lalazar situated behind the Kashmir Valley which is often termed as the most beautiful place on this earth.

The view of Fairy Meadows. The Peak in the Background is Nanga Parbat. This is considered as one of the most impressive and beautiful mountain scenery in the whole world. The beautiful meadows and thick ever green forests are the specialty of Kashmir area in Asia.

The view of Nanga Parbat during evening time.

A view of Nanga Parbat from Fairy Meadows. The height of this mountain is 8126 metres above sea level. It is ninth heighest in the world and the highest mountain of Western Himalaya. it is also known for its highest wall of snow in the world. Such Huge glacier on a single mountain in the world is not present anywhere except Nanga Parbat .It is also the Fastest growing mountain of the world.

The Beautiful flowers spreader on babusar Pass, Pakistan. There were flowers of almost every color there.

The Beautiful Meadows near Dudipatsar Lake. Some grazing cows were also there.

taken on the way to Naran. The beautiful unspoiled mountains still present in Kaghan valley.

A view of the Saif-ul-Malook lake in the day time and its reflection in water.

One of very very lovely shots taken by Muzaffar Bukhari. I have just edited his picture.

A beautiful village by the name of Phastee in Chitral Pakistan.

The Beautiful valley of Shimshal Situated in the Pamir mountains in Pakistan. Northern Pakistan is the place where 4 most important mountain ranges of the world meet that includes Himalayas, Karakorams, Hindukush and the Pamir Range. A lake is also there inside the mountains.

The Palas Valley in Kohistan

Truly one of the most beautiful valley in Pakistan. Its undisturbed and pristine forests have make it Far more beautiful than its neighboring valleys where deforestation and tourism has ruined the natural beauty. The valley of beautiful meadows and flowers, One of the last remained beautiful valleys of Himalayas in south Asia.
Let us do something to save this valley this is the last Saved beautiful valley of Himalayas in Pakistan after 3 other beautiful valleys (namely Kaghan, Swat and Neelum) have been partially ruined by deforestation.( Although upper Neelum valley is still Pristine to some extent but Swat and kaghan valleys have been badly damaged by deforestation).
Have a beautiful view of it.

Note: This area is very rich in Mammals and birds species due to its undisturbed nature fortunately WWF has recognized the importance of these Himalayan Forests and probably will do something to protect this i hope so in the coming years. The quality of the picture is not like digital cameras due to the usage of an old camera. The valley is far more beautiful than picture.

Beautiful place by the name of Zarkhana in Lower Chitral, Pakistan.

A typical view of winter in Malam Jabba. Taken in Feb 2005.Beautiful & high snow capped mountains of the Hindukush range are visible clearly from here.

Sheosar lake deosai, Pakistan.

NOTE: Picture taken by my friend Imran.

The view of town of Kalam in Swat Valley.

A view from the hotel in Kalam, Swat valley. The height of this mountain is 18781 ft above the sea level. Mankial Mountains serve as a natural home for snow leopards in winters.

The sunset in Karachi.